​My name is John Mecham, and I am the inventor of Razor Renew.  I wanted to extend the life of my expensive razors.  I wanted to find a method/product that would sharpen and smooth my razor blades - smooth and comfortable shave.  I researched and tried many different ways to sharpen, smooth my razor - jeans, my arm skin, razor buddy, razor pit, etc.  All of these methods/products did extend the life of my razor, but the quality of the shave was not very good.  All these methods kept the blades sharp, but each shave was not smooth and comfortable. I started searching for a method that would not only sharpen, but smooth the blades of the razor, for a smooth, comfortable shave.

​I started to look at the old fashioned leather strop, and how it is used with knives/straight razors to hone and smooth the blade after they are sharpened on a stone.  When I tried to strop a regular razor blade it dulled right away - the leather on the smooth side was way too hard for the thin blades of the razor.  I found that when I softened up the leather (buffed it) that it smoothed all the mirco-burrs and scratches on the blades that makes your shave uncomfortable. 

​I found to get more comfortable smooth shaves from your razor blade.  Razor Renew should be used from the very first shave to the last.  Thus removing the burrs and increasing the life of  will give most between 6 - 10 more shaves with their razor.  It is like having a brand new blade over and over again.

​As I started to sell Razor Renew to razor blade users, I soon discovered that the buffed, soft leather side made Razor Renew better than an old fashioned strop for maintaining the sharpness and smoothness of knives/straight razors & scissors.

​Knife people that had purchased Razor Renew for their regular razor kept approaching me and telling me that Razor Renew worked very well on their knives.  That is when I started making Razor Renew Long - so everyone could use it on their razors and their longest knives.  After a few years of selling Razor Renew I realized that the really serious knife/straight razor people wanted a 3" wide X 20" long.


​Based on feedback from my customers over the years, I know that Razor Renew is the best product for sharpening, smoothing your razor.  I have a US Patent No. 8,220,364 B1 - A method and apparatus for sharpening/honing safety razors.  I also know that Razor Renew maintains the sharpness and smoothness of knives/straight razor and scissors better than an old fashioned leather strop.

​Here is our return policy:

​I want you to be completely satisfied with Razor Renew.  If you are not satisfied with Razor Renew I will gladly give you your money back.  Over the years I have had a hand full of customers contact me to get their money back for their Razor Renew.  Most of the time people did not like Razor Renew because it was not working on their razor.  Almost every time these people were not using Razor Renew properly, because they did not read the instructions and/or watch the instructional videos. 

  • ​​​​​​Did you read the instructions and/or watch the instructional videos?

​                                60 Day Money Back Guarrantee!

​                                1 Year Warranty/Exchange

​If at anytime within 1 year if your Razor Renew has a manufacturing defect, we will send you a brand new Razor Renew at no charge.

​I found that buffed cow leather, along with the sued cow leather was ideal for ​sharpening and smoothing the blades of my razor.  The sued  I stand behind Razor Renew 100%.  If there is ever any manufactured defect with Razor Renew we will replace it with a new one.  After receiving your Razor Renew and following the instructions, if you are not satisfied you can return it and get a full refund.

​V  I also know that Razor Renew is better than the old fashions leather strop, at maintaining the sharpness and smoothness of your knives/straight razor/scissors.take pride in the fact that we use high quality cow leather that is processed in USA - Hides are cut up, glued, pressed out, riveted.