Are you using one of the more expensive razors to shave?​​

Do you shave your head with your razor?

​Are you serious about your knives?

​Watch the video testimonials below.  These real-life experiences with razor renew will give you a good idea of how well razor renew can work for you.​​

​​​​​​​Razor Renew Short

For the serious knife & straight razor enthusiast.  Maintains sharpness and smoothness of knives, straight razors and scissors.  Usable body 3" X 20".

Sharpens & smoothes razors.  Maintains sharpness & smoothness of knives/straight razors & scissors with blades 3" or less in length.  Usable Body 1.5" X 6". 

Free Shipping in the USA! $3.00 Shipping to Canada!

​Extend the life of your razor!

  • Smooth comfortable shave, over and over again.
  • 6 - 10 times more comfortable, smooth shaves with your razor!

​​Works better than a old-fashioned leather strop!*

  • Maintaining the sharpness and smoothness of knives/straight razors & scissors!
  • ​Will not take off any metal.

​US Patent No. 8,220,364 B1 - A method and apparatus for sharpening/honing safety razors.


​​Razor Renew Long

The Razor Renew Family

Video Testimonials

* - Based on customer testimonials about Razor Renew.

Sharpens & smoothes razors.  Maintains Sharpness & smoothness of knives/straight razors & scissors.  Usable Body 1.5" X 12".

Razor Renew Traditional